Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains is an international development charity working in Nepal and East Africa. Moving Mountains works with communities, schools, local authorities and a range of grass roots organisations to identify development needs, and to formulate and implement associated projects and programmes. It focuses particularly on long term sustainability and primarily runs health, education and social welfare programmes. Moving Mountains has local NGOs in each country which aim to support individuals and communities to develop businesses and social enterprises, which are sustainable over the longer term.

Moving Mountains Nepal

Moving Mountains Nepal is an independently registered NGO that works primarily with communities in two Nepalese villages, Bumburi and Bupsa, and surrounding villages in the Solu Khumbu region of the Nepalese Himalayas.


Run and managed by experienced professionals from these villages, Moving Mountains Nepal works closely with communities and local leaders to identify and prioritise development needs and implement projects and programmes. Partnering with village development committees and the local people ensures that Moving Mountains' work truly benefits the local population, and respects and protects traditional culture and the beautiful mountain environment. It also helps to ensure that the projects and programmes effectively address the diverse needs of people in the area and achieve long term sustainable development of the region.

Over the years Moving Mountains has completed a host of successful projects in partnership with the local communities. These projects include:

  • Development of, funding and running free annual medical camps

  • Building a permanent medical clinic in Bumburi

  • Renovation of the monasteries in Bupsa and Bumburi

  • Renovation and construction of Bupsa and Bumburi Primary Schools

  • Provision of a clean water distribution system in Bumburi and Bupsa

  • Installation of eco-Friendly Cooking Stoves in Bumburi

  • Development of community income generating projects in Bumburi

  • Provision of clean, renewable energy through a micro-hydro-electricity plant, Bumburi

  • SETU Nepal

  • Sapta Gandaki School, Kathmandu

Moving Mountains Kenya

From small beginnings back in 1991 when Moving Mountains Founder, Gavin Bate, was teaching and working with street kids, Moving Mountains Kenya has become a successful NGO working in partnership with a large network of local committees, authorities and experts. The volunteering placements offer a chance to be absorbed into this wonderful network of people, and people find it a very sociable and enjoyable experience. They can see that success is because we jointly develop ideas and maintain essential principles of integrity. 

The main areas of Moving Mountains work in Kenya includes:

Education and vocation

  • Support people through primary and secondary school, college and university

  • School facilities

  • Teaching resources

  • Teachers salaries

Personal development

  • Youth rehabilitation camps for children

Social welfare

  • Ulamba children's home & early child development school

  • Embu rescue centre

  • Home and child support

  • Community infrastructure


  • Clinics

  • Healthcare

  • Home healthcare

All of the trips in Nepal and Kenya have been thought out in terms of the local people, the impact upon them, and the benefits gained from having visitors. The trips really are an unusual adventure and one that we hope will help to transform the lives of these remarkable people. In that respect the trip falls within all the categories of the Fair Trade Volunteering trademark, even if you are not actually volunteering; the visit is still about making a positive impact on the people who live there.

Moving Mountains at the University of Bristol

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