Our Medical Camp in Kenya is an overland adventure to the stunning rural setting of Nyanza Province in Western Kenya where we will run a free Medical Camp in one of the poorest populated regions of East Africa. Moving Mountains have been developing many sustainable projects in this beautiful part of the world, well away from the traditional tourist trail. The trip finishes by experiencing some more of Kenya's diverse culture and wildlife on safari at Kakamega National Park, Lake Naivasha, Hell's Gate National Park and Mount Longonot. There are also plenty of optional add-ons to extend your time and continue exploring the National Parks and Game Reserves of Kenya.

Travelling to Western Kenya takes you out of the busy capital of Nairobi and along part of the Great Rift Valley before heading west through the tea plantations of Kericho, along the shores of Lake Victoria and finally to the traditional rural homes of Western Kenya and across the Equator to reach our Ulamba Children's Home and Community Village where we'll set up camp and settle in to the new surroundings.

The main part of your trip will be running and assisting in the medical camp, which you will all form an integral and essential part of. The medical camp will run over 10 days and there will be other opportunities to gain experience in a local clinic developed with the support of the Moving Mountains (Dophil Clinic & Maternity Home), and at the over-worked and under-funded Siaya District Hospital. This is a great opportunity for everyone to bring their individual skills to help shape and develop the clinic. Medics can also run basic first aid courses, dentists can provide basic dental care and there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at the Children's Home and experience sustainable development at Moving Mountains' other projects in the area.

During the trip there are always opportunities to meet and share your experience with staff who can help with evaluations and reflection, helping to build on the skills, knowledge and experience being gained. One of the biggest aims of the programme is to encourage people to engage with society on their return home and take part in many incentives to promote global healthcare solutions.

This trip is for people who are enthusiastic & open-minded. It really appeals to people who are interested in travel, sustainable tourism, charitable work in remote regions & learning about new cultures. The living arrangements for the camp ensures that volunteers develop a real insight into the lives of the community, which includes visiting homes, shopping locally, cooking local recipes, using community facilities such as the early child development centres, and attending community events.

Without doubt you will witness the strong links between Moving Mountains and the communities that you are placed in. As such, you will be an ambassador for Moving Mountains. As a medical volunteer, you will be working closely with a fully qualified local doctor who has insight into the needs and common problems of the local community. They will guide you and act as your support, helping you to make the most of this international medical volunteer experience. You will not be expected to be a visiting doctor who sees patients, although sometimes misunderstandings occur. We advise you to discuss your role clearly with your supervisor and make it clear to patients that you are a student, not a fully qualified doctor. Read Adventure Alternative's blog and webpage on the ethics of a medical elective and medical volunteering.

Moving Mountains runs long term ongoing medical programmes at the request of local communities and hospitals. We have worked with medical authorities in many locations to ensure ongoing continuity as well as medical co-operation with other aspects of our work, for example the children’s homes we build and run, and the satellite private clinics which serve smaller remote communities and take some of the burden off under-funded Government hospitals.

Bristol University students and Moving Mountains have a long-standing partnership and have been running annual medical clinics in Nepal since 2010. 


These trips have funded these free medical clinics for the local community each year and have contributed to the development and building of a permanent medical clinic in Bumburi. This is our first medical camp with University of Bristol students in Kenya, so we are excited about the implementation and development of this project. 

Moving Mountains has also been providing very popular medical elective placements across Kenya for over a decade and had dozens of teams visit Western Kenya to take part in developmental aid projects at primary and secondary schools, medical clinics and hospitals, water projects and the development of Ulamba Children's Home. These projects are the product of a long-term sustainable development plan focused around the rural communities of the Siaya district.

Fundraising requirements 


Participation as a medical volunteer in one of our medical camps does require reaching a stated fundraising goal. This fundraising goal is incredibly important to Moving Mountains and will play a vital roll in our health initiatives on the ground for long after you have finished your medical camp.

The fundraising requirement doesn't just cover the costs of the medical camps, it helps us to pay for the salaries of nurses who work on the frontline in these rural communities, treating minor ailments or referring patients to official clinics in nearby cities.

It can also support Moving Mountains’ long term development goals of building and staffing fully equipped clinics or health centers within the local communities and other long term sustainable development projects. Additionally, the funding helps support us in our data gathering work, establishing a baseline of knowledge about common health problems within the local communities.

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